Validate policies - code-based

Bridgecrew supports policy-as-code capabilities using YAML-based policy definition files to enable attribute and connection checks (composite checks).
Visit Prisma Cloud’s documentation to define YAML based policies -
based on our sample files -

To use the API request, add your token to the header. API supports both YAML and JSON configuration of Bridgecrew custom policy schema)

This API is used to validate a user defined Bridgecrew YAML-based custom policy schema. It returns an array of errors for not supported keys, values, and more. This call is used to verify that a custom policy which is about to be saved is properly configured.

Policy definitions include the following types:
option 1 - "attribute" block (defined by cond_type=attribute) - checks the specific attributes of a given resource type
option 2 - "connection" block (defined by cond_type=connection) - checks the existence of connection between given two resource group types
option 3 - "filter" block (defined by cond_type=filter) - return given resource group types
option 4 - "and"/"or" - structure that supports nested "and"/"or" logic and blocks for options 1, 2 and 3

Use the example below as a reference for configuring the API request body.

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