Update policy

Bridgecrew supports policy-as-code capabilities using YAML-based policy definition files to enable attribute and connection checks (composite checks).
Visit Prisma Cloud’s documentation to define YAML based policies -
based on our sample files - https://docs.paloaltonetworks.com/prisma/prisma-cloud/prisma-cloud-admin-code-security/get-started/code-repositories-policy-management/custom-build-policy-examples.

To use the API request, add your token to the header. API supports both YAML and JSON configuration of Bridgecrew custom policy schema)

This API request updates an existing Bridgecrew custom policy. The API contains the fields to be edited. Any field not included in the request will remain unchanged.
You can use this API request to add fields that were previously not configured. The output will be the id of updated policy.
Use the example below as a reference for configuring the API request body.

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