Get suppressions justifications by policy id and query accounts

Bridgecrew supports advanced Suppression rule settings in order to make policy management easier by dismissing or snoozing errors
(using time-bounded suppression rules) that are irrelevant in your cloud and code environments.
Suppression can be applied at various levels: for all cases (Disable Policy), for a specific Source, for a Specific Resource or by tag.
Visit Bridgecrew documentation for more information here ( ).

To use the API request, add your token to the header.
Use this API function to fetch details of Bridgecrew Suppressions that have been set for the given policyId and accounts
(array of strings) mentioned in the path.
The output will be -

  • success - 200, array of objects { id, policyId, creationDate, comment, suppressionType (Resources, Policy, Tags, Accounts),
    resources (array of strings, for suppressionType Resources), accountIds (array of string, for suppressionType Accounts), tags (array of objects { id, accountId } for suppressionType Tags)
  • error - 400 failed to get suppression
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