Get Code review runs data

Bridgecrew’s Code Reviews table enables you to view the latest code reviews across
your integrated VCS and CI/CD repository snapshots.
With Code Reviews, you can analyze how many issues were found in each scan,
broken down by severity threshold levels, the scan status and
the Enforcement settings for different code categories at the time of the scan.

The response includes the following data for each VCS or CI/CD code review:

  • Repository: the Git repository to which the scanned item belongs
  • Organization: the Git organization to which the scanned item belongs and its VCS type
  • defaultBranch: The default branch of the repository
  • commitId: Git commit hash for VCS tool code review
  • runId: Bridgecrew’s run ID, set for CI/CD tool code review
  • gitUser: the Git user who has triggered the scan:
    • For VCS, this is the commit creator.
    • For CI/CD, if detected, this is the user who triggered the scan.
  • scanStatus: Failed or Passed, based on Enforcement settings:
    HARD_FAIL - scan has failed and will break build or block PR
    SOFT_FAIL - issues at a certain severity threshold were found, but the scan will not break build or block PR
    PASS - no issues for Hard Fail or Soft Fail were found
    UNKNOWN - scan was unsuccessful
  • SourceType: the VCS the Git repository is hosted on
  • Results: Severity breakdown of the detected issues
  • lastScanDate: last scan’s time and date
  • creationDate: scan’s start time and date
  • PR: {
    title: PR name
    prNumber: PR ID
    lastScanDate: scan date
    fromBranch: source branch
    intoBranch: target branch
    enforcementRule: {
    IAC: Soft Fail and Hard Fail settings
    IMAGES: Soft Fail and Hard Fail settings
    OPEN_SOURCE: Soft Fail and Hard Fail settings
    SECRETS: Soft Fail and Hard Fail settings
    SUPPLY_CHAIN: Soft Fail and Hard Fail settings
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