Delete Tag Rule

Bridgecrew supports tagging management for IaC templates, based on the company’s open-source tool Yor (
With tag rules, you can manage your tagging strategies easily across providers and repositories,
even before they go live.
Such capability allows users to enable out-of-the-box (OOTB) Bridgecrew tag rules,
such as the traceability tag (“yor_trace”) used for code-to-cloud resource tracing and drift detection.
Furthermore, Bridgecrew enables custom tag rule creation and management (edit, clone, enable, disable and delete).
You can check out the full documentation here:

This API is used to delete a custom tag rule definition based on a tag rule ID input.
In case of user that tries to delete a rule which applied to unpermitted repositories -
It will raise an error which returns the following string: “Cannot delete tag rule -
user do not have access for all the repositories”
If you get this error message, ask for access to the relevant repositories from your admin.

Note: this function deletes a specific tag rule.
The deleted rule will not be applied to new resources, but existing tags generated previously by this rule are not deleted.

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