What is Bridgecrew?

Bridgecrew by Prisma Cloud automates security engineering, allowing teams to identify and fix code and cloud infrastructure.


Cloud & Code Security

Find misconfigurations and vulnerabilities across IaC, Secrets, Images, SCA and more. Use simplified policy management to govern application and infrastructure development.


Automatically generated code-fixes that repair and patch vulnerable code. With integrated pull request comments, Fixes and Smart Fixes that help automate the security code review process.


30+ ecosystem integrations as well as fully featured CLI, API & Terraform provider. Developers can choose and customize where and when they want to checkout their code in the toolchain apps they already use.

Asset Tracing

Code to cloud resource attribution and drift detection. Using traceability tags allow users to locate cloud resources that were created based on a specific IaC resource, detect drifts from IaC templates and trace the differences between cloud and code.

Supply Chain Security

Comprehensive inventory and visualization of application dependencies. Provides a graphical interface designed to bridge developer, operations and security workstream s.

What’s Next

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