Set Up Jira


When Remediating Incidents, you have the option of opening a Jira ticket to a channel you configure in advance. Follow the procedure below to set up Jira in Bridgecrew.

In Jira

Get a Jira API token here .
For a detailed explanation, see Getting your API token.

In Bridgecrew

  1. Under Notifications, press Jira and then Integrate Jira.
  1. Enter the email address for the Jira user.
  2. Paste in the Jira API token.
  3. Enter the Jira domain URL, for example:
  4. Press Done.



When opening a Jira ticket during Remediation you will enter the Jira Project, Issue Type, Component and Priority. The details of the Incident will be added by Bridgecrew.

IP-based Access

If your organization requires IP- based access to its network, add all three IP addresses below to your ingress access configuration.
Bridgecrew performs load balancing across those addresses.

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