Set Up Jira


When Remediating Incidents and misconfigurations, you have the option of opening a Jira ticket to a channel you configure in advance. Follow the procedure below to set up Jira in Bridgecrew.

How to Integrate

Part 1 - In Bridgecrew

  1. From Integrations Catalog, under Notification Platforms, select Jira.
  1. Create an API Token by clicking the link in the wizard, or by clicking here . A new tab opens for creating a new token.

Part 2 - In Jira

  1. Select Create API Token.
  2. Name your token, then copy the automatically generated token. For a detailed explanation, see Getting your API token.

Part 3 - In Bridgecrew

  1. Paste in the Jira API token.
  2. Enter the Jira user email, for example: [email protected]
  3. Enter the Jira domain URL, for example: Then select Done.



When opening a Jira ticket during Remediation you will enter the Jira Project, Issue Type, Component and Priority. The details of the Incident will be added by Bridgecrew.

IP-based Access

If your organization requires IP- based access to its network, add all three IP addresses below to your ingress access configuration.
Bridgecrew performs load balancing across those addresses.