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Remediating Buildtime Resources - Open Fix PR

For buildtime resources, you maybe be offered an option to Open Fix PR. All resources in a group may be selected for remediation.

Alternatively, select the resources you wish to remediate.

  1. Select Resource(s) to Remediate.
  1. Press Remediate. Bridgecrew corrects the issue in the relevant Infrastructure-as-Code file(s) and creates a Pull Request with the Incident's details. Your code repository will open in a new tab detailing the name of the Pull Request, details of the files changed and links to Details and Guidelines for the related Policy.

Variables and Modules in Terraform Files


If a configuration in your Terraform files references a Variable or a Module, Bridgecrew Cloud uses a best-effort approach to identify Incidents, detail misconfigurations, and when possible, offer Remediation.


If a configuration references an external module (for example, from the Terraform Registry), Bridgcrew checks the source and, if a misconfiguration is found, creates an Incident.
The Incident shows the problematic configuration and indicates its source, but no Remediation is offered.

If the referenced Module is internal and in the same repository as the Terraform IaC files, the misconfiguration and the proposed fix are displayed, and Remediation is available.


If a configuration references a variable defined elsewhere but either in the same file or the same repository, the Bridgcrew scan looks at the variable (or even multiple variables in a case of nesting) displays the misconfiguration and the proposed fix and Remediation is available.

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