You can Fix Incidents detected in runtime environments from the Incidents page or Errors detected in IaC files in buildtime environments, from the Projects page.

Fix Incidents in Runtime Resources

See Fix Incident.


Fix Incident - Runtime

In some cases, you may find steps that can be taken to Fix an Incident using local access keys from your workstation, as shown in the example below.


View Steps for Fixing Runtime Incidents using local access keys

Fix Errors in Buildtime Resources

See IaC Resources.


Fix Error in code - in IaC file


Basic Fixes and Smart Fixes

A Basic Fix is one for which there is only one option for replacing a problematic configuration. For example, changing Encryption = False to Encryption = True .
A Smart Fix is when the value required to correct an error can only be determined based on similar past scenarios. For example, if a resource that was not compliant with Policy A, later passed the check for Policy A. Bridgecrew maintains details of these cases, that is, the delta that enabled the resource to pass, and offers them as possible correction values (see example above).
Later, when a resource fails on Policy A, Bridgecrew will propose Smart Fixes using the values learned from previous scans.