SAML SSO - OneLogin


You can integrate Bridgecrew Cloud with OneLogin to enable single sign-on for your organization's users. In parallel, invite users and set their permissions from the User Management page.


To set up an SSO connection with Bridgecrew in OneLogin:

In OneLogin

  1. Under Applications, select Add App and search for Bridgecrew.
  2. Download the metadata XML file.

Search for Bridgecrew in the Applications tab

Download the metadata xml (SAML Metadata)

In Bridgecrew

  1. Go to the Integration tab and select Identity Provider under the Single-Sign-On category.
  2. Click ADD SSO and Select OneLogin as your identity provider.
  3. Enter your allowed domain.
  4. Upload the metadata xml file.
  5. Click DONE.

Add an Identity Provider

You will see the new Identity Provider setting.

Go back to OneLogin and enter the Bridgecrew Client ID and Identity Provider values in the Configuration tab.

Paste the Bridgecrew Client ID and Identity Provider in OneLogin

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SAML SSO - OneLogin

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