You can integrate Bridgecrew Cloud with Okta to enable single sign-on for your organization's users. In parallel, invite users and set their permissions from the User Management page.

Create SAML Application

Go to Okta

  1. Add new application -> Create New App
  2. Use these settings:
    SAML 2.0
    App name: Bridgecrew
    App visibility: Check "Do not display application icon to users" (On Configure Login URL we expose the app to users)
    Single sign on URL:
    Audience URI (SP Entity ID): urn:amazon:cognito:sp:us-west-2_Ij9abDXU8
    Default RelayState:
    Attribute Statements:
  3. Select Save.
  4. Open the application -> select Sign On Tab -> select Identity Provider metadata
    and save the XML to a file.

Configure Login URL

In Bridgecrew

  • After the integration in Bridgecrew finished
  • Click on show details
  • Click on Copy Login Url

In Okta

  • Add new Application
  • Enter on the search bar Bookmark App -> Click Add
  • Name: Bridgecrew
  • Url: Paste the Login URL from Bridgecrew to Login URL field

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