On the Integration page you can:

  • View details of existing Integrations and delete or add Integrations
  • View details of API Tokens and delete or add API Tokens

Integration Grid

The Integration grid shows the status of existing Integrations with:

  • Code Repositories
  • Cloud Providers
  • CI/CD Systems
  • IDEs
  • Notification Systems
  • SSO Systems

Open the Integration Grid

You can sort the list of integrations by: Type, Account Name, Last Scan Date and Added on date, or search for an integration.

Sort by typeSort by type

Sort by type



Delete an Integration

To delete an existing integration, hover over the Added on date, and select Delete.

Add New Integration

The Add New Integration tab opens the Integrations Catalog, where you can view the status of existing Integrations or add a new Integration.

API Tokens

Open the API Token Grid

Select API Tokens to open the API Token grid.
You can sort existing API Tokens by: UUID, Key name, Description, Created by date, and Created on date.
Note: The UUID is used when revoking an API Token via API call.



For more details on creating a Bridgecrew API token, see here.

Delete API Token

To delete an API Token, hover over the Created on date and select Delete.

Add a New API Token

To add an API Token, select Add Token and a wizard for creating a new token will appear.



  1. Tokens are specific per user and enforce the role and permission assigned to that user within the organization.
  2. In most cases, an API Token is provided during the integration flow.

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