On the Integration page you can:

  • View details of existing integrations and delete or add integrations
  • View details of API Tokens and delete or add API Tokens

Integration Grid

The Integration grid lists your existing integrations. You can navigate between the following five categories to view all of your integrations in each category:

  • Code Repositories
  • CI/CD Systems
  • Cloud Providers
  • Notification Platforms
  • Single Sign-On Authentication (SSO Systems)
    Note: IDE integrations are not included in the Integration grid.

Exploring the Integration Grid

Generally, the grid for each integraion category shows details on each integration such as Repository, Organization / Account, Last Scan Date and the date the integration was added. You can sort the list of integrations according to these parameters. However, additional details might be available, depending on the integration category. For example, in Code Repositories, the VCS user token is displayed for each repository (if available).
You can also use the Search function to search for repositories, organizations, etc. within the Integration grid.


Sort by scan date / Search


From the Integration grid, you can perform different actions on selected integrations by clicking the ellipsis icon at the edge of the relevant row.


Code Repositories

For each Code Repository integration, you can:

  • Relselect repositories by choosing from a repository list or permitting all existing repositories in you organization (see a detailed explanation about selecting repositories in each Code Repository here).
  • Delete the selected repository.
  • Delete the entire integration - this will delete all repositories associated with the selected organization.

For Code Repository integrations for which a VCS user token have been configured, you can also select Manage VCS User Tokens. You will be directed to the Configure Account wizard of this organization. For a detailed explanation about multi-token integrations, see here.


CI/CD Systems

For CI/CD integration, you can delete a selected repository or an entire integration.

Other Inegrations

For the rest of the integrations - Cloud Providers, Notification Platforms and SSO Systems - you can only delete an entire integration.

Adding a New Integration

To add a new integration, click the Add Integration button at the top right.


You will be directed to the Integrations Catalog, where you can view the status of existing integrations or add a new one.


API Tokens

Open the API Token Grid

Select API Tokens to open the API Token grid.
You can sort existing API Tokens by: UUID, Key name, Description, Created by date, and Created on date.
Note: The UUID is used when revoking an API Token via API call.



For more details on creating a Bridgecrew API token, see here.

Delete API Token

To delete an API Token, hover over the Created on date and select Delete.


Add a New API Token

To add an API Token, select Add Token and a wizard for creating a new token will appear.




  1. Tokens are specific per user and enforce the role and permission assigned to that user within the organization.
  2. In most cases, an API Token is provided during the integration flow.