Integrate with Kubernetes

To integrate Bridgecrew Cloud with a Kubernetes workload:

  1. Under Kubernetes, press Workload and then Add Subscription.
  1. In your Kubernetes cluster, create a namespace, secret and cron job.
  2. Add the cluster name in Bridgecrew Cloud as shown below.
  1. Copy the example shown in Bridegcrew Cloud, add the actual cluster name and run the commands in your Kubernetes CLI.

If you want to suppress a namespace from scans, update the above CLI commands to add a skip section. See the below example skipping the kube-system namespace:

kubectl create ns bridgecrew
kubectl create secret generic bridgecrew-rt-secret \ 
    --from-literal=apikey=<my_api_key> \
    --from-literal=repoid='runtime/<my_cluster_name>' \
    --from-literal=skip='kube-system' -n bridgecrew

kubectl apply -f

If you already have deployed the integration, you can update the skipped namespaces as shown below:

kubectl patch secret bridgecrew-rt-secret -n bridgecrew -p='{"stringData":{"skip": "kube-system,default"}}'

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Integrate with Kubernetes

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