Integrate with GitHub Server


Integrating Bridgecrew with Github Server makes it possible for Bridgecrew to scan your Infrastructure-as-code files (Terraform and CloudFormation) and monitor configuration issues in development.


For details on integrating Bridgecrew with, see here.

Getting Ready

IP-based Network Access
If your organization requires IP-based access to its network, add all three IP addresses below to your ingress access configuration.

Built-in Firewall
If you've set custom rules to use Github Enterprise's built-in firewall (see more here), you must whitelist the IP addresses below.

For Prisma cloud console integration - discover relevant IP addresses here

For Bridgecrew platform - Bridgecrew performs load balancing across these addresses.

How to Integrate

Part 1 - In Bridgecrew

  1. From Integrations Catalogue, under Code Integrations, select GitHub Server .
  1. Enter your GitHub Server domain, for example,, then select Register. A new tab opens for registering a new OAUTH app on GitHub Server.
  1. Copy Application Name, Homepage URL and Authorization Callback URL from the Register OAUTH app step.

Part 2 - In GitHub Server

  1. Paste the copied values for Application Name, Homepage URL and Authorization Callback URL from the Register OAUTH app step and select Register Application.
    The details of the new OAUTH app appear and Bridgecrew opens in a new tab.
Application NameFor example, Bridgecrew
Homepage URL
Authorization Callback URL
  1. . Copy the Client ID and Client Secret values.

Part 3 - In Bridgecrew

Paste copied values for Client ID and Client Secret (from GitHub Server, as shown above) and select Authorize.
Within the same tab, you are redirected back to GitHub Server.


Part 4 - In GitHub Server

Select Authorize Bridgecrew
You are then redirected back to Bridgecrew on the same tab.


Part 5 - In Bridgecrew

  1. Select one of the following options then select Next:
  • Permit all existing repositories
  • Permit all existing and future repositories
  • Choose from the repository list.
    If choosing from the repository list, select the relevant repositories.
  1. When the message "New account successfully configured" appears, select Done.
    Note: after the next GitHub Server scan, the scanned repository will appear in the Integrations grid; for further details, see here.