Integrating Bridgecrew with CircleCI makes it possible for Bridgecrew to scan your infrastructure as code files (Terraform and CloudFormation), display Incidents on the Console and, optionally, cause a build to fail.

How To

To connect Bridgecrew Cloud to CircleCI:

  1. Under Continuous Integration, press CircleCI and then Add Subscription.
  1. Add the following name-value pair to your CircleCI Environment Variables:
    Name: BC_API_KEY
    Value: [your_API_key] (see Get API Token)
  1. Update your .circleci/config.yaml file based on the example below.
version: 2.1
    bridgecrew: bridgecrew/[email protected]
      executor: bridgecrew/default
        - checkout
        - bridgecrew/scan:
            directory: ‘.’
            api-key-variable: BC_API_KEY
  1. Press Done.

What’s Next
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