Integrate with Bitbucket Server


Integrating Bridgecrew with Bitbucket Server enables Bridgecrew to scan your Infrastructure-as-code files (Terraform and CloudFormation) and monitor configuration issues in development.


For details on integrating Bridgecrew with Bitbucket Cloud, see Integrate with Bitbucket.

Getting Ready

Generate a Personal Access Token in Bitbucket
To get started, generate an access token in Bitbucket Server. This token grants Bridgecrew access to the repository based on the access granted to your Bitbucket Server account.


Required Permissions

Bridgecrew requires a Bitbucket Access Token with these permissions:
For Projects - Read
For Repositories - Admin

See here for more information

IP-based Network Access
If your organization requires IP-based access to its network, add all three IP addresses below to your ingress access configuration.

How to Integrate Bridgecrew with Bridgecrew Server

  1. Under Continuous Integration, press Bridgecrew Server and then Authorize.
  1. Enter your Personal access token
  1. Paste the URL that points to your Bitbucket Server repository into the Repository URL input field.
    For example:

  2. Once all input parameters are inserted, click Done.

What’s Next
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