General Policies

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This page lists the Google Cloud General Policies that Bridgecrew helps you enforce. You can browse this page, or search for a specific policy ID or short title. For each policy, press the link for more details about a policy and its remediation options.

Encrypt VM Disks for Critical VMs with CSEKs
Violation ID: BC_GCP_GENERAL_1

Encrypt Boot Disks for Instances with CSEKs
Violation ID: BC_GCP_GENERAL_2

Enable Shielded VM when Compute Instances are Launched
Violation ID: BC_GCP_GENERAL_3

Ensure KMS Encryption Keys are Rotated Within a Period of 90 Days
Violation ID: BC_GCP_GENERAL_4

Ensure Cloud SQL Database Instances Require Incoming Connections to use SSL
Violation ID: BC_GCP_GENERAL_5

Enable Cloud SQL Database Instance Backup Configuration
Violation ID: BC_GCP_GENERAL_6

Ensure BigQuery Datasets are Not Anonymously or Publicly Accessible
Violation ID: BC_GCP_GENERAL_7

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General Policies

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