Secrets Policy Index

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This page lists the Git Policies that Bridgecrew helps you enforce. You can browse this page, or search for a specific policy ID or short title. For each policy, press the link for more details about a policy and its fix options.

Artifactory Credentials
Policy ID: BC_GIT_1

AWS Access Keys
Policy ID: BC_GIT_2

Azure Storage Account Access Keys
Policy ID: BC_GIT_3

Basic Auth Credentials
Policy ID: BC_GIT_4

Cloudant Credentials
Policy ID: BC_GIT_5

Base64 High Entropy String
Policy ID: BC_GIT_6

IBM Cloud IAM Key
Policy ID: BC_GIT_7

IBM COS HMAC Credentials
Policy ID: BC_GIT_8

JSON Web Token
Policy ID: BC_GIT_9

Secret Keyword
Policy ID: BC_GIT_10

Mailchimp Access Key
Policy ID: BC_GIT_11

NPM Token
Policy ID: BC_GIT_12

Private Key
Policy ID: BC_GIT_13

Slack Token
Policy ID: BC_GIT_14

SoftLayer Credentials
Policy ID: BC_GIT_15

Square OAuth Secret
Policy ID: BC_GIT_16

Stripe Access Key
Policy ID: BC_GIT_17

Twilio API Key
Policy ID: BC_GIT_18

Hex High Entropy String
Policy ID: BC_GIT_19

Ensure Repository is Private
Policy ID: BC_GIT_20

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