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In some cases you many want to explore and analyze a resource for which an error has been found before taking action (such as Remediate, Suppress, etc.).
The Resource Explorer provides detailed information about the resource, its metadata, relationships, history and context.

Using the Resource Explorer

To open the Resource Explorer, press an Incident (on the Incidents page) and then press one of the resources listed.

Resource Explorer Elements

  • Resource Metadata - The resource's configuration attributes configured and their values.
  • Page Link - you can copy and share the page URL
  • Go to console button - when relevant, this opens the relevant configuration page in the platform's console
  • Error Details - The code block with the misconfiguration. For runtime resources, an HCL representation of the misconfiguration.
  • Related Resources - the resources that depend on this resource (Dependents), and the ones that it depends on (Depends On). Next to each resource is the name of the specific attribute(s) which creates the dependency.
  • History - details of any previous actions taken on this resource, including configuration modifications, remediations, suppressions, changes in compliance to policies and creation of Jira issues. History events can be expanded to view their details.

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