As part of a Shift-left approach, you can manage your cloud assets via Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) templates. While this gives you the opportunity to scale and speed development cycles, it might also cause issues with keeping your code assets aligned with your running assets, or with tracing back runtime errors originally caused by IaC templates.
To resolve these issues, Bridgecrew enables companies to add traceability and attribution contextualization as part of IaC operationalization. This way, you can:

  • Understand which runtime resources were created based on a single IaC template
  • Fix runtime errors that are sourced in the code space by submitting fix Pull requests, merging them, and re-deploying the relevant template
  • Optimize your inventory by detecting drifts, unmanaged resources and unused resources

Currently, Bridgecrew helps you manage the following resource types:
Drift Detection
Umanagaed Resource Detection
Umanagaed Resource Detection