Code Repository Badges


Bridgecrew Badges provide visibility of a code repository's compliance/non-compliance with specified benchmarks and/or the state of the Infrastructure Security (as expressed by the number of errors).


Each badge includes:

  • The name of a Benchmark - for example, HIPAA or CIS Azure V1.1 (as configured in your file).
  • Status-
    For Bridgecrew Infrastructure Security: the number of errors
    For other benchmarks: Compliant or Non-Compliant
  • A link to the Bridgecrew Incidents page

How to Set Up Badges

  1. On the Policies page, or in every Code Review Run Press Get Our Badge.
  2. Select a Repository.
  3. Press one of the Badges.
  4. Copy the markdown structure and paste it into the top of the repository's file.

In the example shown below, the markdown structure will generate a Badge for the Repository - terraform-aws-s3-log-storage - to display compliance to the SOC2 standard.




Note that the badges displayed when you press Get Our Badge reflect the actual status of your repositories.

You can also get a badge directly from its URL, following the following structure:{VCS}/{VCS_OWNER_NAME}/{REPOSITORY_NAME}/{BADGE_NAME}

Benchmarks and Badge Names

Benchmark TypeBadge Name
Bridgecrew Infrastructure Securitygeneral
CIS Azure V1.1cis_azure
CIS Kubernetes V1.5cis_kubernetes
CIS GCP v1.1cis_gcp
CIS AWS V1.1cis_aws
PCI-DSS V3.2pci