SSO Access


Bridgecrew supports SSO via integration with OneLogin and Okta. Other SAML-based SSO providers will be supported in the near future.

To enable SAML SSO, a standard trust establishing procedure takes place for both Bridgecrew and the customer.


For SSO integration with Okta, see Bridgecrew-Okta integration.


  1. Press the Integrations icon on the left-menu, then Identity Provider under Single Sign-On Authentication.
  2. Press Add SSO.
  1. Press the down-arrow under Identity Provider and select OneLogin or Okta.
  1. Enter your company domain (only users with an email address on this domain will be allowed SSO access).
  2. Drag and drop an XML certificate file from OneLogin or Okta.
  3. Press Save.
    You will now be directed to the SSO's setup.

OneLogin Configuration

Okta Configuration

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