User management 👤

Control user access to accounts, repositories and actions using the new User Management feature.


AWS Remediation Stack ✨

The AWS Remediation CloudFormation stack just got a huge update.


Weekly email notifications ✉️

Our customers have requested to get a weekly updates of everything that happened on their connected accounts. So we listened and came up with a condensed view of everything you should know about what Bridgecrew has observed in the past 7 days.


AWS Marketplace 🛒

Bridgecrew has officially joined the AWS Marketplace.


Pull-request comments 💬

Our integration with just got an amazing new boost with the addition of inline comments in pull requests.


Policies dashboard 🔒

Ever wanted to see all your currently active policies? Now you can. Our new Policies offers a fresh new way to explore what policies are currently running in the environment, their latest scan results and other important information such as related guidelines and compliance benchmarks.


AWS CDK CFN template scanning 📦

Bridgecrew can now scan CloudFormation templates generated using the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK). You can even report violations at build time straight to the Bridgecrew platform to be visible in the application.


GitLab integration 🐈

If you are using to GitLab to host your infrastructure-as-code, you can now connect them directly to Bridgecrew and scan them for security and compliance misconfigurations.


ARM template scanning 📦

ARM templates allow users to create and deploy Azure infrastructure using a declarative syntax. It supports most native Azure services, including virtual machines, network infrastructure, storage systems.


CLI Guide Links⚓

If you use Checkov or Bridgecrew CLI to find and stop cloud misconfigurations during build processes, you'll love the neat little addition.

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