240 New Policies 🛂

Bridgecrew added 240 new out of the box policies, across all supported providers, including Dockerfiles.


Code Repository Settings ⚙️

The new Code Repository Settings enables you to configure scan properties in your VCS:

Dockerfile support 🐳

Bridgecrew now supports Dockerfile scanning!

Performance Improvement ⚡

Bridgecrew launched Checkov 2.0, the newest version of Bridgecrew's open source IaC scanner. Checkov now supports a graph-based backend that improves Terraform scan performance, especially for variables and module inheritance.


Encryption state 🔒

Encrypting cloud data stores has become a baseline attribute for any growing environment. Bridgecrew continuously analyzes encryption configuration states for over 50 unique resource types across AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.


Azure & Google Cloud inventory🧲

Our resource inventory module creates virtual Terraform snapshots of running cloud environments. Utilizing these snapshots we can create comparable versions of resource in various stages of development.


FedRamp and PCI-DSS v.3.2.1 benchmarks 🏛️

Bridgecrew policies are natively mapped to industry benchmarks that translate into operational best practices and compliance requirements.


Bitbucket code reviews 🪣

In December 2020 we launched Code Reviews, a new feature dedicated to enabling developers to analyze their infrastructure-as-code changes and fix errors using Bridgecrew platform.


VSCODE Extension 🧩

Visual Studio Code (VSCODE) is a free source-code editor made by Microsoft. Cloud-native developers have embraced VSCODE due to its extensible nature, enabling them to enrich their code authoring experience with community powered extensions and plugins.


Terraform drift-detection 🌬️

In Terraform, a drift is when the real-world state of your infrastructure differs from the state defined in your configuration. Terraform helps detect and manage drift when pushing new configuration changes. Terraform will alert of any drifts as part of the provisioning process. For more info, read Detecting and Managing Drift with Terraform.

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