Resource Explorer 2.0 🔎

Exploring security issues related to a resource is easier when you have more background information about that specific resource. Bridgecrew’s Resource Explorer refresh gives you a more context-rich and consistent experience to focus in on IaC, packages, and runtime resources across the entire platform—on the Projects, Supply Chain Graph, Incidents, and Resource Inventory screens.


Resource Explorer in the Projects screen

Resource Explorer 2.0 is broken down into four tabs—Details, Errors, History, and Traceability—to make it easier to understand the context of resources over time and from code to cloud, so that you can make informed decisions regarding a specific issue.

Here’s what each tab will help you do:

  • Errors: Review all misconfigurations and security issues associated with that resource and take action by either suppressing it or prioritize its fix.
  • Details: Understand the connections between resources in your Resource Inventory or Supply Chain graph, and then decide what connections are unnecessary or put resources at risk.
  • History: Explore the history of a specific resource and get visibility into when the resource was first scanned and modified and which errors Bridgecrew detected, suppressed, or resolved.
  • Traceability: Review Traceability connections between build-time and runtime resources.

Read the full documentation here.

Note: Resource Explorer will be rolling out across IaC, packages, and runtime resources for all tabs and currently supports the following:

IaC resources (Projects, Supply chain)SupportedNot yet supportedSupportedSupported
Packages (Projects, Supply chain)SupportedSupportedNot yet supportedNot yet supported
Runtime resources (All screens)SupportedNot yet supportedSupportedSupported