Renaming GitHub Code Review Check

As we extend code scanning far beyond infrastructure-as-code it has come the time to rename the GitHub check name used on Pull Request Checks. With current scanning covering images, open source, secrets and supply chain configuration files, the checks previous naming Infrastructure-as-code analysis has confused developers in their path to get a fully checked PR scorecard.

Starting this week, all GitHub PR checks will be renamed Code analysis: Bridgecrew / Infrastructure-as-code analysis has been renamed Bridgecrew / Code analysis. Similarly, Prisma Cloud / Infrastructure-as-code analysis has transitioned to Prisma Cloud / Code Analysis

If you are using the previous check name, Bridgecrew / Infrastructure-as-code analysis to define PR merge behavior, it is highly advised you modify it to the new naming Bridgecrew / Code analysis.

New `Code analysis` namingNew `Code analysis` naming

New Code analysis naming