Projects screen 2.0 🚀

Users can leverage recent enhancements to Bridgecrew’s Projects screen to streamline their risk prioritization and decision making processes. The updated Projects page now enables you to:

  • Prioritize code issues across multiple repositories
  • Customize the results by highlighting issues by code category
  • Explore issues grouped by resource to identify all issues per block of code (and sort them by highest severity error)
  • Leverage advanced filters such as custom policies, file types, and secrets
  • Open individual pull requests with multiple fixes
  • Track your fix pending issues that are waiting to be merged and resolved

With this update, you can also benefit from enhancements to Resource Explorer’s Issues tab, which now:

  • Shows all checks scanned against a single resource across all Statuses
  • Supports Automated fixes, Suppressions, and Manual fixes
  • Commits data on every issue
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