Multiple Azure Repos integrations 👩‍💻

Bridgecrew now supports multiple integrations for Azure Repos. Before, users could only onboard one Azure repo integration at a time, which required users to consistently override integrations whenever they onboarded new Azure repos. Now, the Bridgecrew platform enables you to seamlessly integrate Azure repos in parallel.

After onboarding and authorizing the first integration using the Oauth user token, users can now simultaneously onboard additional integrations and repositories associated with their tokens.

Once the first Azure Repos integration is complete, the user token associated with this integration will appear as a part of the first step of the “Integrate Azure Repos” flow in the “Configure Account” step. This enables you to:

  • Authorize a brand new account with an additional user token within the same flow you performed for the first integration
  • Edit the repository selection for a certain token by selecting “Reselect repositories” from the drop-down menu
  • Delete a VCS token and all its repositories by selecting “Revoke Oauth User Token” from the drop-down menu

Multiple Azure Repos integrations

For more details, check our documentation here.