Code Reviews in Projects ≡

We’ve expanded the Projects page to include every Code Review from VCS commits and CI runs. If a scan is performed on a repository (configurable with Code Repository Settings) or a CI run such as Jenkins and Terraform Cloud with an API key, that run will show up in the Projects page in a dropdown menu. In this launch we’ve included:

  • Logos for the different integrations for easier differentiation
  • The ability to see different commits and CI runs using the dropdown menu under the header
  • A new Status (Errors/Suppressed/Passed) filter to choose how much information to show
  • Filtering by Category, Severity, and Tags for VCS commits and CI runs, similar to how it is for the main branch
  • Resource Explorer data for resources in a pull request based on the latest commit

Additionally, we’ve updated the navigation from other screens and integrations, including:

  • Go from Code Reviews to a specific run/commit in the Projects page by clicking on a repository
  • From a VCS connection for new commits, clicking on the “Details” button next to a Bridgecrew review will take you to that commit on the Projects page