CheckovGPT 🤖

Want some remediation help? How about if it's from AI?

If you include --openai-api-key or CKV_OPENAI_API_KEY variable and a valid OpenAI API Key, we’ll now include an enhanced details section that includes remediation guidance based on a response from the GPT3.5 model. The enhanced details will show up in the CLI output.

You can configure the thresholds and other settings using the following environment variables:

  • CKV_OPENAI_MAX_FINDINGS - the number of findings per framework to add enhanced guidelines.
  • CKV_OPENAI_MAX_TOKENS - the maximum number of tokens to use in generating enhanced guidelines.
  • CKV_OPENAI_MODEL - the ID of the chat completion model to use. The default is gpt-3.5-turbo.

Warning: this uses credits and sends code to the OpenAI system.