Unmanaged resource detection 🔍

Bridgecrew now identifies and provides fix suggestions in code for unmanaged Terraform and CloudFormation resources. Unmanaged resources are runtime resources that don’t have an equivalent build-time resource traced to them, which introduces cloud infrastructure drift.

Private modules platform support 🔒

Bridgecrew now automatically gathers templates and module blocks from onboarded GitHub repositories to scan them for compliance violations. Before, the platform only supported modules that were either public or local to a repository.

Terraform VCS Providers policies 🍴

Bridgecrew and Checkov can now identify misconfigurations in your version control system (VCS) provider using Terraform. Many of Checkov’s policies for VCS providers can now be applied to Terraform code that uses either GitHub or GitLab.

Info severity support ℹ️

Bridgecrew is bringing back “Info” severity support for both custom and out-of-the-box policies. This level of severity was briefly deprecated and is now back in the platform.

190 New Policies 🛂

Bridgecrew added 190 new out of the box policies across all supported providers.

Alibaba Cloud custom policies 🧡

Bridgecrew now supports custom policies for Alibaba Cloud! This update augments Bridgecrew’s recent release of twenty-five new out-of-the-box Alibaba Cloud policies for Kubernetes, IAM, secrets, and more.


SBOM Generation 📄

You can now generate a software bill of materials (SBOM) from both Checkov and the Bridgecrew platform. With an SBOM, you can gain visibility into the inventory and any security issues of software components of cloud-native applications. SBOMs can also be used to identify any tampering based on unexpected changes to the components list.

Multiple Azure Repos integrations 👩‍💻

Bridgecrew now supports multiple integrations for Azure Repos. Before, users could only onboard one Azure repo integration at a time, which required users to consistently override integrations whenever they onboarded new Azure repos. Now, the Bridgecrew platform enables you to seamlessly integrate Azure repos in parallel.

Resource Explorer 2.0 🔎

Exploring security issues related to a resource is easier when you have more background information about that specific resource. Bridgecrew’s Resource Explorer refresh gives you a more context-rich and consistent experience to focus in on IaC, packages, and runtime resources across the entire platform—on the Projects, Supply Chain Graph, Incidents, and Resource Inventory screens.

GitHub Actions workflow configuration scan results in Bridgecrew ⚡

Bridgecrew now automatically scans and identifies misconfigurations in any GitHub Actions workflow files that are found in onboarded repositories. CLI results will also appear in the platform when scans are performed locally or in a CI pipeline.